Personnel, Security and Performance Management​

The keys to our success lie in our people, our processes and our commitment to improve. Some highlights of what we offer beyond simply monitoring your case include:


  • Medical faculty comprised of neurologists and PhD neurophysiologists have published numerous peer reviewed studies in leading industry publications
  • Our neurotechnologist training far exceeds the CNIM standard with respect to duration, content and exposure to a broad spectrum of clinical procedures
  • Demonstrated competency in all IOM modalities and procedures


  • HIPPA-compliant and encrypted network for data transfers, remote monitoring and real-time communications
  • Secure and optimized databases for your patients' IOM data, accessible when you or your surgeons need it
  • Our equipment will not leave your facility with your patient's data accessible

Performance Management

  • Robust clinical standards, policies, and procedures
  • Quality assessment and improvement program
  • Risk management and regulatory affairs