As science and health care have grown, the services of the perfusionist have developed as well. As an active member of the cardiovascular team, perfusionists use various cardiopulmonary bypass systems and other technologies to maintain the health of patients during surgery.

The School of Cardiovascular Perfusion offers a:

During training, students work closely with Procirca perfusionists at UPMC and benefit from their extensive experience. By maintaining the highest level of care, the school provides students with optimum learning opportunities and a scope of activities for excellent training.

Graduates of the School of Cardiovascular Perfusion are qualified perfusion technologists at hospitals around the country.

The UPMC School of Cardiovascular Perfusion placement success rate in years 2012, 2013 and 2014 is 100%.

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For more information about the certificate program, contact:

Robert Rush, CCP
Director, School of Cardiovascular Perfusion
Phone: 412-623-2482
Address: 5230 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15232

For more information about the undergraduate degree program, see:

Biology with Certification in Perfusion Technology on Carlow University's website.